Working with us through the process of divorce, Jim took a very negative experience and turned it into as much as a positive as could be expected.  My ex and I did not like the idea of working with expensive attorneys and dragging things out, and the possibility of being up against each other in court, was quite frankly, scary.

We just wanted to get through the process as amicably as we could and for it to have as little an impact on our kids as possible.  Jim was able to help us put our difference by helping to stay focused on what matters most, our 2 children and their well being.  He made us both feel very comfortable throughout the process by listening to each of our concerns, remaining impartial and fair, and giving us unbiased advice.  He was very good about communicating with us throughout the process and helping us put our differences aside.

He provided all of the necessary documents that we needed to file and walked us step-by-step through the process.  I think Jim did an excellent job and I would highly recommend him to anyone facing the same difficult issues.