Frequently, in many casual conversations and nearly always when we are called by someone seeking information about options for approaching divorce peacefully, I am asked, “What do you do”? I have answered that question countless times. My answer is important. I think it bears repeating here.

At Heartland Family Mediators our central mission is to help families intentionally plan a roadmap to establish peace in their lives in the aftermath of divorce. We accomplish our mission by helping couples navigate the challenges of divorce simply and peacefully. Our simple processes allow for a seamless interface with the court. Our method uses mediation and pro se divorce, an approach which allows a couple to act for themselves with the courts without relying on attorney advocacy.

Among the best aspects of using mediation in the pro se setting is that there is far less contention particularly when compared to attorney driven divorce. The mediation approach engenders respect, cooperation and full focus on the welfare of children, if there are children. Respect and cooperation are of enormous import when crafting agreements, dividing property equitably and seeking ways to support lifelong economic security for both persons. The focus often results in financial settlements which are more generous which is unlikely to result in a litigated setting. Our atmosphere is intentionally structured this way and it is a key contributor to peace. Another positive aspect of using mediation in the pro se setting is cost. The cost can be 1/10th the cost of a litigated divorce.

Our process is family centered and child focused. This means if there are children, we focus unapologetically on their interests. Since all parents love their children, a divorce setting focusing on the children’s interests allow the parents to know their greatest desires and hopes for the children will be realized: Adult children who are emotionally stable, spiritually grounded, and who possess a capacity to have fulfilling relationships with other people. This realization contributes positively towards parents successfully achieving lifelong personal and familial peace.

So, what do we do? At Heartland Family Mediators we see ourselves as peacemakers. I encourage you to review the testimonials on this site from couples who’ve experienced our process. Hopefully one of their stories will resonate with your situation.