Economic Strategies

The economic aspects of divorce can be confusing, intimidating and complex. Add to that the reality that in most households one person usually manages the finances and it is only natural for tension to develop in this area and sometimes even distrust can arise. Conflicts over finances are one of the top two reasons cited by divorced couples as a primary contributing factor to their divorce.
With such significance, an understanding of the current financial position, as well as the other important economic issues and their implications, is critical in forming a divorce economic strategy. This understanding is vital for both parties if they are to achieve an equitable resolution to the conflict. Regardless the economic situation in your marriage, a thorough review of all matters is important. This is true regardless the level of your means. But the importance of the economic issues particularly heightens when your family situation includes dependent children.

Economic strategies are needed when first considering a divorce, during the divorce process itself, and in the aftermath of divorce. When first consideration of a divorce occurs it is usually a one person effort. Some trigger makes the research begin. At Heartland Family Mediators we assist individuals in this critical effort to first understand. We educate you in knowing where to go, what to ask for and how to interpret your financial situation and determine your options. Once you know and understand this information you will be positioned to make informed decisions when seeking an equitable division of assets in mediation, in understanding why child support works the way it does, and to calm your concerns about marital finances. If a decision is made to divorce, a Heartland Family Mediators professional can assist both you and your spouse in reaching an equitable division as well as to work though the small conflicts that usually develop following a dissolution.

So what should you do?

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So where do you go from here?

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