Prenuptial & Pre Marriage Planning

A prenuptial agreement is a voluntary agreement entered into before marriage. However, spouses may enter into a post nuptial agreement during marriage for the same effect. Prenuptial agreements plan the financial rights and obligations of each spouse upon the event of divorce. Most couples do not want to think about divorce or believe they are the exception. However, approximately half of marriages end in divorce today.
Prenuptial agreements have become a lot more common to help protect a spouse’s interest, family resources and inheritance, or a potential business ownership. These agreements can be used to protect a spouse from the large debt of another spouse. Prenuptial agreements can create peace of mind for one spouse giving up a career to stay at home and take care of the family. Prenuptial agreements are not always easy to bring up to another spouse but they bring peace of mind and often can lessen future financial tensions between spouses.

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