Online Divorce with Virtual Mediation

Technology is changing the way people communicate. Our ability to talk and share information with others in multiple ways and forums is becoming more and more common. So why not mediation?

Heartland Family Mediators offers, in addition to our traditional face to face mediation, a means of conducting mediation over the internet or by telephone. Our goal is to assist parties who may live further away from us to have the same access to our services as those persons living near us.

This method allows parties to remain in the comfort of their home while taking full advantage of our services. Virtual mediation recreates the face to face typical mediation setting while eliminating the travel time. Our purpose in making virtual mediation available is to increase our accessibility to help as many people as possible over a larger area.

Virtual mediation also brings with it benefits to parties who may have high emotions or conflict with the other party. As parties are separated in the virtual mediation setting but still in the same meeting, there can be a constructive dialog to resolve the central issues which may be in contention.

Any documents requiring signatures that need to be signed will be communicated through email and/or sent as a PDF. We will populate all required court documents for the parties. Once completed we will send these documents directly to the parties or file them with the courts on behalf of both parties.

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