Domestic Partnership Agreements

A domestic partnership agreement defines the rights and responsibilities of two persons committed to living and sharing a life with each other and who have chosen not to marry. Among the goals of the domestic partnership agreement is supporting the emotional and financial security of both individuals and establish clarity. Clarity is a critical factor in avoiding future disputes. A domestic partnership agreement may identify which financial assets and/or property were brought into the relationship by each partner and may define the manner in which certain assets will be owned or titled. Domestic partnership agreements can protect each partner’s interests in the unfortunate event it becomes necessary in the future to dissolve the relationship.

A domestic partnership agreements by its nature offers broad flexibility. This flexibility permits partners to structure a unique agreement which expresses their values and rights and does so in a way which resembles rights in a marriage. Our method supports partners as they make decisions regarding how they wish to share finances, other property and the sharing of debt. The agreement may include provisions protecting certain rights and interests of partners traditionally reserved only to family members. Agreements may clarify wishes in the event the partnership is dissolved and in the events of their incapacity, disability or death. Such agreements are useful tools for avoiding future controversies regarding divisions of property, other family member claims to superior rights of privacy, the making of healthcare decisions and claims to assets or property following the death of a partner.

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