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No Attorney Divorce, or “Pro se” representation in the courts means advocating on one’s own behalf, without an attorney. Those representing themselves in court are pro se litigants. Clients of Heartland Family Mediators most often have chosen to consider No Attorney Divorce as an option prior to contacting us. A significant percentage of couples who file for divorce in Indiana do so on a pro se basis.

Following mediation of all issues, our professionals help couples follow the procedures required and to fill out the forms necessary to complete a divorce without employing attorneys. The entire process can take only a few hours. The spouses complete the divorce themselves, at least in the paperwork sense.

What are the benefits or advantages of No Attorney divorce?

Generally, couples considering divorce on a pro se basis have agreed not to have conflict with each other during the process. They are committed to minimizing the costs. And, when children are involved, parents generally share a vision of the way the children should be raised.

A successful pro se divorce carries the lowest cost because both parties are cooperating, particularly if mediation precedes the divorce. It usually is among the least stressful options. Together, the spouses craft all the terms of the agreement. The long-term outcome, when compared with a legally contentious divorce, most likely will include less conflict, and the parties are far more likely to fulfill their commitments to each another.

What are the risks or disadvantages of No Attorney divorce?

Pro se divorce is not without risk. Attorneys provide important information and counsel to their clients. In a pro se setting, because there are no attorneys, both parties must be open with each other. Occasionally, the relationship issues at the core of the divorce can find their way into the process. Manipulative behavior, bullying, etc., does not occur often in a pro se divorce, but such things can occur. Attorneys do well at keeping these behaviors off the table.

A divorce contains many moving parts. Property division, debt, parenting time and child support, how to pay child support, the nature of relationship going forward, the divorce process to be followed by the court … it can go on and on. Attorneys provide their protocols, as well as experience, to make sure the couple does not miss anything.

Pro se divorce has definite advantages. But when a pro se divorce is complete, the filing is legally binding just as it would have been if an attorney had completed the paperwork. If errors are made, it can be very difficult to undo them.

How Much Does No Attorney Divorce Cost?

Assuming no mediation time is required, the cost of acquiring all of the paperwork and detailed instructions on the procedures to complete a divorce on a pro se basis is $650.00 If a completed child-support calculation is needed, a fee of $150.00 is added. The court requires additional but nominal fees for filing.

If you do not have children, and if you want a reasonable estimate of the total cost of mediation followed by pro se divorce, begin on the high side at $1,500. That figure may run higher, but it probably will be less, maybe even much less.

If you have children and want the same sort of estimate for mediation followed by pro se divorce, begin on the high side at $2,500.00 The cost may be more, but it probably will be less, far less. Why? Costs will likely be lower because with mediation and pro se divorce you are in control. Click here for more details about our rates, policies, and procedures.

What should you do?

At Heartland Family Mediators, we believe that mediation followed by pro se divorce can be a successful and low-cost choice. Only you can make the determination if it fits your situation. And, if you have questions or concerns, it is always a good idea to consult your own legal counsel. But if you feel you are ready, discuss your situation with a Heartland Family Mediators professional. If you believe pro se divorce may be a good option, we will provide all the information you need to make a decision. The first consultation is available at no cost. Interested? Click on the box bellow to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you.

So where do you go from here?

If you want additional information about mediation or if you wish to schedule a free initial consultation with a Heartland Family Mediators professional, click the button below and see if mediation as a solution can be in your future.