After all is said and done, you'll still be a family.

It is possible to independently move forward. Fairness, respect and no arguing...that's all you want.

Protecting the future of that special someone is everything.

It hurts, but you want it over... efficiently and without fighting, in fairness and peacefully.

Yes, a fair agreement can be found to allow you and your children to remain in your own world after a divorce.

We’ve been together for a long time, we know it is complicated to go different directions, but we want to do things right, in a fair way.

Fairness, Economic Independence and Peace

At Heartland Family Mediators, we aim to bring peace to families navigating the economic and emotional challenges of divorce. Our method is child-centered and family-focused. We support our mission using a collaborative model and the diverse experience of our professionals. Our services include divorce mediation; divorce without using attorneys; strategies for economic independence; services for parents and families with special needs children, mediation services for unmarried parents and parents having children from previous marriages, family and couples counseling, and collaborative divorce referrals.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a proven and effective problem-solving process that helps people avoid the discomfort, high costs and risks of using our legal system to resolve disagreements. Is your situation suited for mediation vs using the courts?

Economic Strategies

The economic aspects of divorce can be confusing, intimidating and extremely complex. Conflicts over finances are one of the top two reasons cited by divorced couples as a primary contributing factor to their divorce. Is this true for you?

No Attorney Divorce

Divorce without an attorney refers to pro se representation, or advocating to a court on one’s behalf without an attorney. Our clients often choose no-attorney divorce because it is less stressful and less expensive than contested divorce.

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Our blog section includes a broad range of topics and issues which might address concerns you have about mediation in particular, divorce in general, the potential impact divorce can have on parents and children, and many other pertinent topics.

Is it time to take Control and Chart YOUR Course to Happiness and Peace?

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