Jim Long

Jim Long serves as a mediator at Heartland Family Mediator LLC.  His 40-plus years of experience as a corporate attorney in the financial services field bring a broadened and valuable perspective to clients. He is experienced at supporting others in crafting their own fair and equitable resolutions to conflicts – resolutions both parties can live with – which makes Jim’s value as a mediator unique.

He is calm, possesses an ability to manage complex issues by framing step-by-step solutions, and he is skilled at helping people remain focused. These attributes can be particularly valuable in the divorce mediation setting as couples work through the challenging emotional and economic issues in divorce.

Jim has extraordinary listening skills and he is sensitive to persons experiencing the emotional pain of divorce. This sensitivity and his skill enable couples to feel comfortable, safe and open in mediation which contributes energy towards coming to agreement. Jim’s mediation style and method is effective in helping couples achieve peace in any and all stages of divorce.

Jim is a graduate of Indiana University and Indiana University School of Law. He has completed the requirements necessary for approval as a mediator by the Indiana Supreme Court and he is a member of Indiana Association of Mediators.

Jim assists couples at Heartland Family Mediators using mediation only. Jim is comfortable helping clients who are represented by attorneys as well as clients handling their divorce pro se.

Jim has three children and two grandchildren, He and his wife Kathy reside in Indianapolis.

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