Our divorce was final yesterday. The process seemed to be very long but now we have finally arrived at the end. I am taking this opportunity to thank you and the staff at Heartland Family Mediators, for your help and assistance as we worked through this challenging period of our lives.

I’m deeply thankful for the time we spent with you. That time both helped in practical ways with our negotiations and it also provided me particularly with both comfort and confirmation of my decision to end our marriage. Your insights and words have come to mind frequently during this last year and they have encouraged me to trust my instincts and perceptions. I am better for that.  Our children also have experienced much healing and growth in this year. I assign that in part to your seemingly unrelenting focus on them and their happiness which caused both of us to remember that important objective at every turn. The health of our household climate has even been reflected in higher grades for all three of them!

The information you provided about the division of our retirement plans has also been invaluable. I did not understand, nor had I inquired yet about the procedures for filing a QDRO to divide our plans. Following your instructions, after we file the necessary paperwork with the court, that too will be behind us. As you know from your experience with us, I will contact you if I need any more assistance! 

Jim, what you do is truly a ministry and I’m grateful I was lead to your office. 

With many thanks,