I would wholeheartedly recommend Jim Johnson without reservation.  When my ex and I realized that marriage counseling wasn’t working out, we knew it was time to move forward with the frightening process of divorce.  The idea of working with attorneys, and the possibility of my ex and I being up against each other in court, in addition to the financial costs associated with 2 separate attorneys, was not something I wanted for my family and children to have to endure.  My sole focus was to get through all of this without affecting the well-being and happiness of my children.

I’ve heard horror stories of people going through bitter divorces, and the thought of that was devastating. I was lucky enough to be referred by a close friend to Jim Johnson, a divorce mediator.  I was hesitant at first, not knowing what to expect as we had just come out of a bad experience with our marriage counselor.  From the very first meeting with Jim, he put any concerns or skepticism that we had to rest with his sincerity and genuineness.  He made each of us feel at ease and comfortable.  He thoroughly listened to our concerns and looked after each of our future interests, while also remaining fair and neutral throughout the process.  There were a few heated moments with my ex and I on a couple of different issues, and Jim was able to calmly work through those with us, and offer his objective insight and resolution to each individual issue that did arise.  He kept us informed throughout the process in between our mediation meetings, and responded in a very timely fashion on any questions or needs that we had in the interim.  He also provided us any necessary documentation that we needed to file along the way, and walked us step by step throughout the entire process.

Jim is not a lawyer, but is very familiar with all of the “legal stuff”, and made everything very understandable to me.  He’s also a Certified Financial Planner, so is also very knowledgeable on finances, and was very helpful in assisting us divide our assets.  He honestly went above and beyond anything I ever expected  and made the process as painless and smooth as possible, and I could not have asked for a better experience.