Sometimes children say exactly what parents need to hear. Sometimes when parents hear what their children say their words can hit an emotional bullseye and even be embarrassing. I recently came across a perfect example of that in a YouTube video that I believe says it all. You will hear a very young child explaining to her mother why her mother and father need to get along after their divorce. The words of this beautiful child offer a profound message for anyone presently experiencing divorce or its aftermath. The message underscores a key focus here at Heartland Family Mediators. We try to help to divorce couples understand the importance of driving two thoughts into the innocent and tender minds of their children as their heads hit their pillows each evening:

  1. Mommy and Daddy love me and they always will love me no matter what.
  2. Mommy and Daddy have two different addresses and I am safe at both places.

As parents, it is good to be mindful that it is our responsibility to focus our lives on how we want our children to look when they are thirty years old and to intentionally craft a world for them to make that a reality. What is on the table is their spiritual and emotional well-being. If we do that right we can give them possibly the greatest gift of all: A capacity to have loving and fulfilling relationships with other persons as adults. If you are successful at that, the legacy you create for them will indeed be good.

Take a look. No matter where you are now or where you have been, it is NEVER too late to help your children. Start building a guarantee for their tomorrows today.