My husband and I tried for a long time to make things work between us and decided to divorce as a last resort.  It was very difficult and I wish it would have worked out for us to stay together.

I was hesitant about using a mediator for our divorce and thought that using an attorney might create a better outcome.  I’m not very knowledgeable about financial matters such as investments, 401(k), etc., and had a lot of anxiety about how it would all work out.

My husband felt mediation was the best option and I am so glad I agreed to see Jim and Amy with Heartland Family Mediators.  It was by far the best decision we made for us and our children and I know we are in a much better place with our relationship with each other and with our children than we would have been with an attorney.

There are so many things I appreciate about working with Jim and Amy.  They are both very compassionate in dealing with the emotional effects of divorce, as well as being very thorough and organized with all of the details, paperwork, etc.  Jim is an excellent mediator and I felt very reassured and comfortable with his guidance in helping us arrive at a solution that was agreeable to both my husband and I.  He explained to us how, even though our marriage was ending, we had two beautiful children that we were proud of and we needed to focus on what was best for them.  He steered us in the right direction as far as what we needed to discuss and include in our agreement.

I also appreciated Jim’s patience in explaining all of the financial items that needed to be discussed and how they affected us now and in the future.  He helped step by step with financial matters that I wouldn’t have had a clue in what to do.  I think using an attorney would have been much more difficult without that advice. I also think that trying to mesh what the attorney was doing with a separate financial advisor would have been difficult.

Divorce has been really hard, but I feel that Jim’s mediation services paved the way for us to have the best possible relationship and outcome, and I wholeheartedly recommend his services through Heartland Family Mediators.