This question is one of most frequently asked questions we receive. The answer is yes.

We begin our process of usually following an email or call from one of the parties. They ask questions about our process, costs, and whether we are impartial and fair. Following that contact, if the couple agrees to meet us, all communications that follow are made with both parties being copied or notified to maintain impartiality. We call being impartial being a neutral or neutrality. We take no sides, pass no judgment or express any opinions about what might be “fair”. We encourage couples to express their feelings and to work towards an agreement they both can live with.

Our remaining as a neutral is good for the couple. We allow each person to tell their story. While one party speaks, the other party listens respectfully, with no interruptions, and vice versa. Conversations can stray in this phase and sometimes emotions surface. That is understandable given the sadness that can surround divorce. Frequently couples relate that they were expressing their feelings to their spouse for the first time. Most say the experience was healing. Some say it inspired them to be more generous in the mediation itself. Regardless the feelings/perceptions of the couple, our task as mediators is to continually direct the couple’s focus on finding common ground. This inevitably leads to mutually beneficial solutions.

The assurance that we are neutrals gives each party the confidence that their voice will be heard. It allows both parties to know no thumbs have been put on the scale to imbalance an agreement. Even though mediators are neutrals, either person may ask questions of the mediator to make sure they understand a particular issue. The mediator staff at Heartland Family Mediators is unique. All are skilled and successful individuals in their own right coming from varying professional backgrounds including the disciplines of law, finance, psychology and business. All mediators at Heartland Family Mediators can collaborate with one another in an effort to bring to the couple information they need to make the right decisions for them. We do not ever provide legal advice.

If impartiality is a concern of yours, be assured at Heartland Family Mediators we are committed to impartiality. We also are committed to help you find peace for your family following your divorce.