At Heartland Family Mediators we repeatedly assert that while we are family focused we are child centered.  This statement is not cliché. We unapologetically insist that all children deserve to enjoy their one and only childhood.  Children are innocent parties deserving moms and dads who will protect them from emotional harm. Moms and dads who agree to focus on what their children deserve will craft agreements that support what their children need in the aftermath of their divorce.

It’s a big deal. In their own way every child wrongly takes into their tender hearts that they are somehow the cause of the divorce or that they did something that contributed to the divorce. At Heartland Family Mediators we believe that two critical thoughts ought to fill the minds of those innocent children every night as their heads hit their pillows: 1. Mommy and Daddy Love me exactly as I am and they always will, and; 2. Mommy and Daddy have two different addresses.

The skill and commitment of all HFM mediators is to help couples work together to insure these thoughts will be in the minds of their children every night. It’s also important to know that just because a child’s body looks like an adult that does not mean that he or she is an adult. At Heartland Family Mediators we insist that mom and dad should assume that all children remain children until they are at least age 30!

In very large measure, the possibility of damage to children is within the control of the parents.