thank you for your compassion and thoughtfulness throughout our mediation process. As you witnessed the emotions each of us experienced were wrenching, especially knowing that for both of us love remains. Through it all you were our lighthouse in stormy seas. Your relentless focus on the needs of our children kept us centered on what was important and made those seas calmer.
Things have settled for us now. We are adjusting in our “new normal”. Although in my heart I still feel like we will get back together someday, I realize there is no assurance of that. I am sure that having a chance to get back together has been supported by the Heartland process. It is the only reason I continue to have this hope. Maybe it is a natural part of getting divorced after 26 years of togetherness. I do not know for sure but sense it may just be innate. Regardless, we are good and have moved out of our dark places. I believe this to be true of both of us. Please feel free to share my note with anyone considering using the services of Heartland Family Mediators. I am a big fan of yours and the process you took us through. My family is doing well and that’s the most important part in the end. Maybe my story will encourage others to seek this peaceful path for their family. I appreciate all you did for me, my husband and our family and hope you are well.

All my best,