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So you have been thinking about getting a divorce.  There are so many questions…  Can a divorce be completed peacefully? How long does a divorce take?  How much does it cost to get a divorce?

If ending your marriage must happen, it is possible to get through the process in a peaceful way comparatively quickly, and at a low cost.

At Heartland Family Mediators, LLC we help couples complete their divorce by supporting two approaches.

The most common approach: Mediation

Mediation is a process that results in you making an agreement together clarifying the division of property and outlining your direction for the future.  Mediation is also almost always used when children are involved.  Mediation allows parents to clarify and sometimes compromise parenting responsibilities and to work out the details of child rearing.

The second approach: Simple Filing (EZ)

If a couple agrees on everything, and if no complex division of assets is needed, a simple filing may be the most efficient approach for you.  As we call it, “EZ” only requires completion of court required paperwork which includes the following information:

  • Personal Information – Names, addresses, social security numbers, date of marriage, date of separation (if you are legally separated), and the name of the county you live in.
  • Automobile information – The makes/models/years of your automobiles, and any debt on the automobiles, and who will keep each automobile post -divorce.
  • Mortgage Information – The address of your house (if a house is owned), who is to keep the house, and who will be responsible for the ongoing payment/taxes/interest.
  • Debt – Amount of joint debt and who will be responsible for repayment of the joint debt.
  • Children – Description of your parenting agreement, calculation of the child support, who will pay for any uninsured medical expenses, who will pay health insurance premiums and who will claim the children as tax exemptions.

Costs of mediation vary by complexity.  A typical mediation effort will have a cost range of $850-$2200.  Costs could be slightly more than this range if holdings and your personal financial matters are complex.

The cost of an “EZ” is $500 not including your county’s court cost, which you will pay directly (less than $200).  Also, with an “EZ” an additional fee may apply if a child support calculation is needed.  Regardless the approach you choose, once the paperwork is completed all documents are populated and we provide copies for the court.

So what is the best way to decide which approach is best for you?  Contact our office at 317-251-3589 to schedule an initial meeting and to make that determination.  The initial consultation is available at no cost.