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Being held accountable can be useful for all of us.  It can keep us on track toward achieving our goals and find success in life.

Do you have things you struggle with? There is help to be found.  Accountability partners can be found through organizations, within your family, friends, or your church.  People want to help.

Do you hold anyone accountable?  Does anyone hold you accountable?  Being held accountable can be as simple as getting together with someone to talk or having a regular and purposeful phone call.

Webster defines accountability as “an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.”  Facing challenges with a plan to resolve them is most likely to succeed if you share that plan with another and be accountable.

All of us struggle at one time or another.  Addiction, loneliness, or going through a difficult time financially and in relationships are examples.  It is important to recognize these times in our life and to have the wisdom and humility to ask for help.

Asking for help is difficult.  Pride often gets in the way.  Admitting to another that we hurt, have pain, or are suffering in any aspect of our lives is equally difficult.  Having a trusted accountability partner or group can be key in helping us with breaking past our pride and add more joy in our lives.

Being held accountable holds our actions to a different level.  That alone can make us think twice before we do something.  It is like having someone sitting on your shoulder watching our every move.

Any person or group should be allowed to give their insight on the given situation.  It is important that the insight be provided in a way that you will understand and not feel threatened.  Feeling threatened gives rise to defensiveness and is not a good way to grow or change in a situation.

As we start the new year, we have a clean slate and a new start.  Something I read earlier this week was “Today is the start of a 365 page book, where you are the author and all the pages are blank.” What a great thought to the new year.  We choose our story, path, and everything that comes along with it.