Fairness, Economic Independence and Peace

At Heartland Family Mediators, we aim to bring peace to families navigating the economic and emotional challenges of divorce. Our method is child-centered and family-focused. We support our mission using a collaborative model and the diverse experience of our professionals.  Our services include divorce mediation; divorce without using attorneys; developing strategies for economic independence; services for people with special needs and their families; family and couples counseling; and collaborative divorce referrals.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a proven and effective problem-solving process that helps people avoid the discomfort, high costs and risks of using our legal system to resolve disagreements. Is your situation suited for mediation vs using the courts?
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Economic Strategies

The economic aspects of divorce can be confusing, intimidating and extremely complex. Conflicts over finances are one of the top two reasons cited by divorced couples as a primary contributing factor to their divorce. Is this true for you?
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No Attorney Divorce

Divorce without an attorney refers to pro se representation, or advocating to a court on one’s behalf without an attorney. Our clients often choose no-attorney divorce because it is less stressful and less expensive than contested divorce.
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